Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How does Scan Workshop compare to on-line scanning, hotlist, etc.?

A) Scan Workshop is not a hot list service. You have 100% control over the scanning criteria and the stocks to scan. Also, because Scan Workshop is a desktop software, it can perform much more sophisticated scanning and can be faster than on-line scanning.

Q) How does Scan Workshop compare to other scanning software?

A) Scan Workshop is based on NeoTicker® EOD, a very strong technical analysis platform. So Scan Workshop's scanning is more advance and Scan Workshop offers higher customizability.

Q) What is the system requirement?

A) Scan Workshop will run on almost any Windows PC with Internet connection. For best performance, we recommend Pentium 3 800MHz or faster, with 256M RAM or more, running Windows NT4, 2000 or XP. Broadband (DSL, Cable, etc.) connection is strongly recommended.

Q) Do I need to subscribe to a data service?

A) No. Scan Workshop can scan with free historical data available on the Internet. However, you can optionally scan with a data service. Scan Workshop supports Quote Plus and TC2005.

Q) What does Scan Workshop come with?

A) Scan Workshop is sold as download only software. You download the software. After you pay us, we will send you the instruction to unlock the software. Everything is done electronically and the saving is passed on to you.

Q) Is a real-time version of Scan Workshop available?

A) Yes.

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Scan Workshop


All the functions of a high end stock scanner at a fraction of the price.