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If you spend a lot of time looking at stock charts to find profitable setups, Scan Workshop is the tool for you.

Scan Workshop is the ultimate software to find trading setups out of hundreds of stocks. The software includes many built-in scans so you can start scanning in no time. For maximum flexibility you can easily set up your own scan because Scan Workshop is based on an advance charting platform.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned trader, Scan Workshop is an indispensable research tool for trading stocks.

Scan Setups that Work

Scan Workshop includes many built-in scans that are based on tried and true chart patterns and technical indicators.

Let's take the included Bullish Channel Pull Back scan as an example. This scan detects short term down trend within a long term up trend. When price reaches the bottom of the short term down trend, many experts agree this is a great bullish signal.

Scan Workshop can go through hundred's of stocks to look for these patterns and rank stocks using objective scoring.

You can quickly and easily review the scan result, and use the result as a base for further analysis. The other built-in scans in Scan Workshop are just as powerful:

  • Wedge Breakout
  • Tight Range Breakout
  • And more

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Thanks to Scan Workshop's intuitive design, you will start scanning in no time. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

A True Time Saver

You know how time consuming it is to go through charts on websites. It is so slow that going through more than a few charts is simply frustrating; not to mention the limited capability of web-based technical analysis.

Scan Workshop allows you to first download data to your PC's hard drive, then scan for the set ups. It is a huge time saver. In fact, it takes as little as two minutes to scan through the 100 stocks in Nasdaq 100 index1.

Your time is valuable. You should not be wasting it on flipping through web-based charts.

Custom Scanning

You can easily create custom scanning with Scan Workshop. Simply create you own set up in a chart and tell Scan Workshop to scan. Because Scan Workshop is built on top of NeoTicker® EOD, one of the most sophisticate technical analysis platforms in the market today, the sky is the limit when you create your own scan.

Amazing Value

Buy Scan Workshop now and save.

We are bundling Scan Workshop with NeoTicker® EOD for the amazing price of US$488. This is simply the best value for technical analysis software today. You will not find a better value anywhere else.


  • Scans many built-in chart patterns and technical indicators setups
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Saves time
  • Custom scanning
  • Value - includes NeoTicker® EOD.

Buy Scan Workshop for CAD $488

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  1. Measured using PC running Windows 2000. Hardware specification - 2 AMD MP 1900 processors, 768M RAM.

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